Week at a Glance 

Week at a Glance

10/1 - 10/5/2018


3/4th Grade Overview




This week, we reviewed verbs by going on a follow the leader hike with alternating verbs. We also continued to learn about “best friends” by doing a book search and drawing exercise. The class then split into groups to do the best friends phonics scavenger hunt to find words with ai/ay. Later in the week, we created our first storyboard going over the plot to Finding Nemo, and acting out our story.




This week we finished our unit on California Geography by doing a research project as a class. We went over 5 main cities in California and chose to focus on our state capitol, Sacramento, for a class research assignment.  




3rd Grade: This week we focused mainly on subtraction. We started out by learning subtraction through manipulatives to physically show the process of subtraction. Next, the students practiced the problems using a template to write out the equations. On “Word Problem Wednesday” we went over subtraction problems followed by a review where the students become the teacher. We ended the week with a short assessment and a fun math game!


4th Grade: We focused on borrowing  10’s and 100’s values when subtraction two digit and three digit numbers. The students “played” store as the store owner needed to “borrow” from other places to find enough “cookies” for the customer.



This week we continued to learn about Energy. We talked about food energy through a powerpoint and short video. Then, we did an experiment with cabbage in water with food coloring to see the veins of the cabbage change color to understand how energy goes into different parts of the body. To learn about calories, each student got the choice to have one m&m if they agreed to burn off the calories (running the length of a football field). In our next class, we learned about electric energy with the introduction of electrons in atoms. We created our own electric energy by making lemon powered clocks!


SEL - 3rd/4th -  Today we discussed anxiety - what is it, other words associated, worried, nervous, anxious synonymous and how it feels in and out of our body, what it looks like, what are signals in our bodies and brain that tell us when we are beginning to get there. We drew a picture of their own bodies and colored an X on the areas that affect when they are anxious. The final activity was practicing mindfulness with concentrating on a single raisin for up to 5 minutes.  This group could do it for a minute - discussion on why it is helpful to focus on the present vs. letting your thoughts run away with you.


5/6 Grade Overview



Writing is like a puzzle, so the students put together paragraphs this week like puzzle pieces. We also had a great discussion about whether or not plastic straws should be banned. Ask your child what they think!



This week the students teamed up to try to survive in an early civilization by getting food, water, and shelter with their teammates. They are beginning to research real societies that began to form before anything else.


5th grade:

Continued to work on multiplication stories and applying to problems and word problems.


6th grade:

This week we continued reviewing multiplication. We also reviewed sharing cookies to build up our knowledge of division in fun and interactive ways!



Endoplasmic Reticulum and Golgi Apparatus are not just words that make us sound smart but are parts of a cell. This week we continued our study of cells and focused on animal cells. We learned the differences between animal cells and plant cells. We also learned about the different parts of cells like the mitochondria (power plant of the cell) and the ribosomes.


SEL - 5th/6th - We talked about anxiety what it is and shared many examples from the kids on what they personally experience.  Excellent time sharing and being positive to each other and helping out each other with possible solutions. We reviewed the what and who and why of anxiety and what it looks like, feels like in your body and identifying signals that set you towards worry and nervousness and anxiety.  We did a mindfulness activity with being able to focus on a raisin (they actually had one) and keep their concentration on how it looks, feels, smells, etc. for up to 5 minutes. This group was able to do this for a full 3 minutes. We discussed how many times they went away from the raisin and had “busy monkey thoughts” and how to control them.


7/8 Grade Overview




This week we continued exploring the life of Ponyboy in The Outsiders. The students are increasingly excited to learn what new events await Ponyboy and the rest of the Greasers. The students also took their first vocabulary quiz! To help show the class how to prepare, we spent some time studying for the quiz each day this week. On Monday, the students were shown how to create a study guide, which we reviewed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the students competed against one another in a vocabulary Kahoot!



In history class, we focused on looking at the leadership of the first colonies. The students reflected on the challenges the settlers of Jamestown faced. They were asked their opinion about the rule created in the colony that only those who worked could eat. The students were then tasked with discussing what impact a rule like this would have on the colony. As a group, they then created 5 of their own rules they believed would help their colonies thrive. Next week the students will wrap up their colony simulation but advertising for their colonies, and reflecting on the entire simulation.


Math 7th:

Positive and negatives. We dove into the land of integers this week!


Math 8th: This week we reviewed our mixed numbers and improper fractions. We practiced adding, multiplying, dividing and subtracting the different types of fractions.


This week we have been working on building a presentation on the laws of motion and the different parts of velocity.


SEL - 7th/8th - talked about anxiety and how we all handle it and people gave fantastic examples of how to manage yourself:

  • Cry it out - Write it down - what I am feeling - and release it

  • Go to calming room, use a fidget, chew gum

  • At home-watch youtube or tv - distraction

  • Repeated movement - on body

  • Count to 4 and breath in and out for 4 count

  • think about a song

  • Talk to someone besides my parents - close relative

  • Think of the bright side - positive thinking,

  • Energetically changing the way that you feel and making things more positive

  • Change your thinking - What do I know for sure

  • Paint or art


Life Skills:

The hardest part about going on a trip is knowing what to pack. This week the students got insider tips about how to plan and pack their bags well when going on vacation!


Experiential Day:

Books galore! We traveled the short distance to the Walnut Creek Library this week to get library cards and complete a scavenger hunt to help us get to know our local library better.


This week brought us south of the border! The students made their own guacamole with freshly squeezed lime,  Pico de Gallo and cilantro. They also sauteed ground chicken adding spices. The tacos were delicious!!


This week in art the kids made 3-D portraits. They crafted portraits out of construction paper and glue them in a way that made them pop off the page. Some kids did themselves or family members and other made up people or did animals or characters.  



The students enjoy coding with Mr. Dave!


World War 1:  This week we learned about The First Battle of the Marne. We started with a reenactment of the battle then went into class and learned about the strategies used in the battle.​

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